Tomaž Slak, Janez Žerjav – Atelje Neapolis

Project Team
Tomaž Slak, Robert Prešeren, Gregor Petrovič, Sandra Hrovat Grum, Franci Saje, Mitja Vovko

Novo mesto, Slovenia

859 sqm

Project Year

Photography / Drawings
Private, mitjarchitecture, Bazaarhitektura d.o.o., Atelje Neapolis


Project Overview:

Hostel Situla was renovated and furnished by experts and artists, who conveyed the art of situla into the present and gave it a modern meaning. Hostel Situla has incorporated the history of the Halstatt period (from the early Iron Age) into its atmosphere and design. Each floor of the hostel displays wall lights that have been specially designed to present the art imprinted on situlas. Thus, each floor presents a different story from the Halstatt period (i.e., Social life, hunting & fishing, crafts & market, love). From the historical and architectural point of view the site of new hostel is extremely interesting.

Building is situated in the centre of old medieval town, more precisely in upper part of Glavni trg square, city’s main square also today. Location is a few metres off the main square axes but still enriched with one of the nicest views to one of city’s most important sight, the stone fountain by architect Marijan Mušič. The investor’s wish from very beginning was to offer visitors a sense of city’s proud Halstatt heritage. Architectural proposal is keeping the original position of coffee place by the main entrance and restaurant area on the right. Part of restaurant is also a bar with a reception desk in extension. Hostel visitorsí rooms can be reached through newly built central staircase. Hostel’s another attraction is a terrace in first floor. It is a place where visitors meet, socialise, party and also a place for small cultural events. Graphics and hostel interior design was fully prepared by ethnology experts. The sheets and linen have been therefore designed with patterns that relate to this period.