Arahbitat d.o.o., Novo mesto

Project Team
Mitja Vovko, Petra Kustor Habinc

Vrhpeč, Mirna Peč, Slovenia

168 sqm

Project Year

Photography / Drawings
Private, mitjarchitecture


Project Overview:

The composition of the designed family house consists of the basic volume with a rectangular floor plan. The dimensions of a plan are 13,18 m x 8,81 m and consists main ground floor and a mansard. The ratio of the building main ground floor is 1/1.5. In addition to the basic volume, there is a canopy for two cars of dimension of 5.80 m x 6.80 m and a canopy over the terrace measuring 5.50 m x 3.50 m.

The roof structure of the basic volume is made of a wooden skeleton and is inclined at 45°. The orientation of the building is planned in a way to offer the most beautiful views in the direction of the north (overlooking church of St. Anne). The floor plan therefore introduces a north-south and east-west axis. All rooms are arranged along these imaginary axes, which allows good lighting, passage and orientation of the house interior.

The privacy of the residents is ensured by the fact that the building itself is placed on an artificially created plateau, which is partially embedded in the slope of the terrain. Thus, views of the neighbours are not possible with an exception of the north.