Project Team
Miloš Ebner, Mitja Vovko, dr. Viktor Zaletel, dr. Aleš Petek, prof. dr. Karl Kuzman, Gorenje Design Studio

Steel facade system

Project Year

Photography / Render


Project Overview:

With ArtMe it is possible to extend your vision and design creativity onto a large facade canvas! As with every introduction, first impressions are crucial and you may wish to consider the importance of this for your building. ArtMe design can introduce your building to the public in a distinctive way and ensure not only a powerful first but also an everlasting impression.
Choose, design, and impose almost any eye-catching graphical element to your building, tell your own story and stand out!

Artme uses a highly controlled, 3D-forming technology, which is being used for the first time on completed facade elements with pre-coated steel-sheet surfaces. Recognizing the importance of product performance, the original integrity and characteristics of the facade elements are preserved without compromise. Artme won the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award, which makes it the only product from the fireproofed roofs and facades sector to receive this award.