Dear World,

This might sound a bit odd, but during my 15+ years in high end business involvement, I learned and was/am inspired most by so called business one liners. I borrowed this term from sitcom performance type just to make myself interesting J. I pasted my favourite pack, part 1 bellow and hope you will find them useful in everyday work. Some of them are funny some of them inspirational, some bold and some complete rubbish. For me they represent a glimpse of how executive officers think and operate. Using them in your everyday work and practice, at least in the long term, might pay some dividends. It is not a sin to try:


My 30 top business terms / one liners part 1:
1          Every project 90% completed, presents 90% of costs. Nothing more.
2          Walking in the rain has some benefits. You won’t show your tears.
3          Nothing is permanent in this world, not even our troubles.
4          Ask yourself what is wrong with the product and then improve it.
5          If there is no supply or demand, create one.
6          Be aware of what you say and what stories you tell your children.
7          It is a sin to generate potential without capitalizing it.
8          The ball should be passed among players to seek an opportunity.
9          When one teaches at least two learn.
10         Your worst enemy is your best teacher.
11         Did you already have a meeting with yourself today?
12         The one that do not know the history will always remain a child.
13         Pay yourself first.
14         Selling is becoming more and more feministically governed.
15         Do not overlap or mix responsibilities. Open consultancy.
16         Find 3D, not 2D perspective.
17         The one who rules you, usually does not allow to criticize him.
18         The one who can and wants usually gets the opportunity.
19         Busines can easily be comparable to sport.
20         Study the individual to whom you are presenting.
21         Always ask why someone wants something.
22         Only those who do not work, do no mistakes.
23         Impact profitability. Make a step.
24         Do not allow to be a sponsor of your client.
25         Be aware of the people saying: “This was always done like that”.
26         Practice launch and learn principle.
27         In sales there is no reward for second place.
28         Do the saving in time of prosperity.
29         The sales process begins when customers say no.
30         The world is running towards automation. Only 20% of business will remain the same.

All the above was said by actual entrepreneurs, wise men and CEOs during their live presentations. The names will remain in secret except for No. 3 which is from Charlie Chaplin.